Naruto Fanon is different from canon. Fanon is made by a fan, of course.  This is where the anime shipping comes in. 

To anyone who knew me in and dA, keep it silent about my preferred shipping

Anyway always remember that, I do not own the Naruto series. I only own OCs, squads, etc.

Lineage And Legacy UniverseEdit

Demons Existed in the Ninja World long time ago before The Sage of Sixth Paths was born. Humans and Demons co-existed with one another in society

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Time Travel UniverseEdit

Does Anyone Believe in the art of Time Travelling? What if the characters got into it by having the ability or the other way around?

Any Fan Stories? Time Travel Please

Crossover UniverseEdit

Anyone heard a crossover fanfic of Series A, Series B, and Series C altogether?  If not, you`re in the right place then.

Let`s see what you have there